LIVING FREEDOM. provides training, coaching, and mentoring to help you achieve financial health, find a rewarding career, and grow your business.


Discover Your Success Track for Life

Financial Coaching


Discover a free cash flow plan showing you how to eliminate bad debt, rebuild your financial health, and regain your freedom in three simple steps:

  • Anchor your Financial Position
  • Develop a Cash Flow Engine
  • Use your Cash Flow Engine to zero bad debt and then fund your Financial Dream

Career Coaching


  • How to avoid a $50,000+ mistake in pursuit of your career.
  • Find out how your personality profile compares to various careers.
  • Get help to determine the difference between your passion, gifts, and talents.
  • Find out how to get from where you are to your Career Destiny.

Small Business Coaching


  • Learn from someone that has ACTUALLY formed and prospered in multiple businesses.
  • How to start your business in 90 days.
  • How to transition to a business that can replace your income.
  • How do you get on the path from Struggling to Stability in your business?

Meet Your Success Coach, Ray Noftsinger

Growing up in Roanoke, VA, Ray became the ‘man of the house’ at six years old due to an untimely death of his father. Dedicated to help his widowed mom, he worked consistently from age 10 until he graduated from Virginia Tech in the Corps of Cadets.

Ray chased his dream to fly and joined the Air Force. Graduating at the top of his class, he chose to be a combat pilot in Vietnam, and returned with two Distinguished Flying Crosses. Before leaving the Air Force, Ray accepted his most daring challenge as a jet instructor for young pilots.

Ray left the Air Force to create multi-millionaires, obtaining valuable financial training in the industry and consulting with struggling small business owners.


Each year marital and economic strife shifted Ray farther from a dream to have his own company and get back to flying. Surviving divorce, cancer, and job loss, Ray let God transform him to higher Spiritual levels and onto an explosive career path beyond his dreams.

At age 47, he started and developed his business into a nationwide service with over $5 Million dollars of annual revenues. For the next 20 years Ray’s business focus was helping families escape their personal debt trap and develop a Cash Flow Engine. While financially counseling clients, Ray discovered a System to help victims stuck in jobs with no career passion. These last 10 years Ray’s NewSuccess System has let him start several businesses, acquire commercial real estate, and be the husband, dad, and grandfather he had hoped to be.

Now, Ray wants to help you discover the Destiny that God designed for you. The old “work hard, go to college, get a job” path dead ended. NewSuccessPath coordinates specific tools with an Everything DiSC personality profile. Insights from this profile of your Passion, talents, and gifts tracks the appropriate career path for maximum success and fulfillment.

If you have a passion to start a small business, or are discouraged with your lack of progress, Ray’s proven path will help you maximize success. The Small Business Coaching section of the site will give you the financial baseline to get on the right path for your career or small business. His heart is to get you to your sweet spot and provide an ongoing support relationship with you.

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